Marriage Is Significant

Series: Adventures In Dating And Marriage | Week 2: Sacred Intimacy

Read Genesis 2:18-22 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.


1. What wasn’t good about creation?

2. Where did God and Adam look for a companion?

3. How did God create Eve?


Even though Adam experienced an intimate and unbroken relationship with God in Eden, something was missing. Creation wasn’t complete until God created woman. Together, the first man and woman painted a fuller picture of God’s character than they could on their own. Eve was much more than Adam’s “helper.” She was his companion, wife, and one who supplied strength where he lacked it.

God created us all for relationships. We were made to live in community, and marriage is one of the gifts God gives to fulfill this for us. The Bible places emphasis on companionship within marriage, setting it apart and holding it to a higher standard than the world does. Where the culture around us treats marriage as something temporary and solely based on feelings or physical attraction, God created it to be a lifelong covenant between a man and a woman who together can serve Him and bless others better than they could on their own.

Whether you’re married or not right now, fight for the companionship between you and your closest relationships – it's something significant God created for a purpose.


Spend some time in prayer thanking God for the gifts of your close relationships. How have you seen Him use these relationships to teach you or others more about His character?

Adventures In Dating And Marriage