Let God Use You at His House

Series: Summer Road Trip | Week 1: Invite Them In

Read Acts 16:35-40 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.

1. What type of relationship existed between the city officials and Paul and Silas?
2. Where did Paul and Silas go when they left the prison?
3. What did they do there?

At the beginning of this week, we saw Lydia’s first step of hospitality with Paul and Silas. Now, after they’ve been beaten, imprisoned, and finally released, they go straight to her house. It’s quickly become a place for all believers to gather. Many believe that Lydia’s house became the location for the first church in Philippi – a place where many would go from strangers to family.

Hospitality can happen in our homes, but it can also happen in the house of God. Strangers flood through our church doors every week, wondering if they’ll be welcomed and accepted. When we serve, we can help answer that question. Loving strangers is evidence of Jesus’ hospitality toward us. We’ve been welcomed in, so we welcome others in. It’s all about making His house hospitable.

Have you found a place to let God use you at His house? On Sunday, we shared ways you can serve at Traders Point. Is there an area that you’d like to learn more about, or a step you still need to take to jump in? Check out tpcc.org/serve-here to get started.

Pray through today’s reading, reflecting on the questions just posed. What do you think God is prompting you to do in response? Write it down, share it with a friend, and take a step to start making it happen.

Summer Road Trip