Kingdom redirect.

Series: modgniK | Week 5: Not to Us

Mark 9:33-35

After they arrived at Capernaum and settled in a house, Jesus asked his disciples, “What were you discussing out on the road?” But they didn’t answer, because they had been arguing about which of them was the greatest.  He sat down, called the twelve disciples over to him, and said, “Whoever wants to be first must take last place and be the servant of everyone else.”
Despite being in the company of Jesus, the disciples turn the focus back on themselves and their own platform, arguing about which one of them would be the greatest in God’s kingdom once Jesus takes over. Jesus calls them out by asking a simple question and then uses it as a teaching moment with another upside-down, modgniK-type statement: ‘You want to be first? Then be last. And serve everyone.’
Where is your ambition focused on your glory or your success? If Jesus were to ask you ‘What are you thinking about?’ could you answer with ‘I’m thinking about how I can make your name great, Jesus, and how I can serve my friends and family and co-workers so that you receive glory’? If that’s not the case, spend some time asking God to help you redirect your ambition to His glory.