Kindness That Is Bold

Series: What the World Needs Now | Week 4: Kindness

Read Matthew 12:9-14

1. Describe the contrast between what Jesus was focused on in these verses compared to the Pharisees.
2. How did Jesus answer the Pharisees’ question?
3. What principle was Jesus reinforcing about people in these verses?

Jesus showed kindness as soon as He noticed a man in need of healing, and He acted boldly by caring for him on the Sabbath near the Pharisees. While the Pharisees were focused on rules and laws, Jesus was focused on restoration. Through His kindness, He taught that the wellbeing of a man is more important, and He challenged the religious leaders to see the people in front of them first.

In our own lives, it can be easy to get focused on the wrong things and miss the people right in front of us. Jesus’ example shows us a different way. A way that cares for people and looks for opportunities to take action and help them.

What typically holds your focus at the expense of the people around you? Where can you practice a bold kindness that breaks barriers? Spend some time in prayer now, confessing where you’ve let other priorities come before kindness. Ask God to change your perspective and to help you take action when opportunities come.

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What the World Needs Now