Jesus Invites Us to Meet Others

Series: Summer Road Trip | Week 3: Tell the Story

Read Acts 18:1-8 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.

1. Whose homes did Paul spend time in?
2. Who came from Macedonia to help Paul in the mission?
3. Who believed as a result of Paul’s message?

Paul moved on to a city named Corinth, where he quickly met up with others. He lived and worked with tentmakers. He shared the story of Jesus alongside fellow missionaries. And he went to the home of a believer who lived next to the synagogue. No matter where he went, Paul accepted Jesus’ invitation to meet others and tell the story. And as a result, more people met Jesus and responded in faith.

So often, we let things get in the way of telling others the story. Maybe we don’t have a sense of urgency. Maybe we don’t think we know enough or we don’t know how to share. If that’s you, know that you are sent to go and tell, with your words and your life. Know that you can learn. Read the gospels, find a mentor, study in community. Know that you can authentically establish common ground. Learn someone else’s story and share yours in return.

What’s keeping you from telling others the story of Jesus? Is there a step from the ideas above that you could take? How can you meet others where they are?

Pray through today’s reading, reflecting on the questions just posed. What do you think God is prompting you to do in response? Write it down, share it with a friend, and take a step to start making it happen.

Summer Road Trip