Jesus Inspires Our Methods

Series: Summer Road Trip | Week 3: Tell the Story

Read Acts 17:22-34 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.

1. What did Paul observe about the council?
2. How did he describe God to them? What attributes and actions did he mention?
3. What were the various responses to Paul’s message?

When Paul spoke to the high council of Athens, he was a master at contextualizing the gospel, using everyday imagery and aspects of their culture in a way they could understand. He took an example of one of their altars, and he used literature from their own Greek poets. This involved seeing their culture and learning about it, all with the goal of pointing to the Kingdom of God.

This is exactly what Jesus did when He was on earth too. He regularly spoke in terms and stories that people could understand. We have the opportunity to do the same. When telling the story, we can let Jesus inspire our methods. We don’t have to shrink back and shake our heads at culture. We can step in and speak in a way they’ll understand – a way that honors Jesus and points to Him.

What contexts do you find yourself in on a regular basis (work, school, neighborhood, etc.)? What are people there talking about and learning about? How could those things become a bridge for you to tell them about Jesus?

Pray through today’s reading, reflecting on the questions just posed. What do you think God is prompting you to do in response? Write it down, share it with a friend, and take a step to start making it happen.

Summer Road Trip