God's Grace

Series: Adventures In Dating And Marriage | Week 1: The Progression Of Intimacy

  1. Read Psalm 139:23-24 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.


1. What does the psalmist ask God to do?

2. Who does he want God to know?

3. Where does he want God to lead him?


God’s first step of intimacy is knowledge. David, the author of Psalm 139, knew God personally, and he asked Him to search his heart. He continually invited God into deeper relationship and became known as a man after His own heart. David knew that his heart sometimes tried to hide sin in darkness, but there’s nothing that can hide from God’s light.

God knows all and sees all. When He reveals the condition of our hearts to us, it’s an opportunity for us to choose to keep following Him rather than our sinful desires – the meaning of repentance. God in His love for us wants us to continue seeking Him and His character. As He transforms us more into His image, we’ll follow His good path and model for relationships, too.

If you’ve gone out of God’s order for the progression of intimacy, or if you’ve let your close relationships drift apart from a lack of actively getting to know the other person, there is forgiveness available for you today. It’s never too late to turn around to God and ask Him to lead you in His path again.


Do you invite God to search every part of your mind and heart? What is it you might be trying to keep hidden? Who in your life are you trying to know more closely, and who in your life is getting to know you?

Adventures In Dating And Marriage