God's Approach

Series: Adventures In Dating And Marriage | Week 1: The Progression Of Intimacy

Read Psalm 139:1-4 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.


1. What does God know about us?

2. When does God see us?

3. Is there anything God doesn’t know?


God has an intentional plan for intimacy in relationships that’s backwards from what culture teaches. His way begins with knowing the other person, progresses through trust and making a commitment, and ends with physical intimacy. The world has long said that relationships can follow any order that feels good, but God knows what’s best for His creation.

God knows us fully and loves us perfectly. In our relationships, we can follow His example and truly get to know those we want to grow closer to. People are always changing, so there will always be more to learn about our loved ones. If we grow complacent in our relationships and stop intentionally getting to know others, it can hinder things like the trust, connection, and feelings of safety between us.

Seek to know those around you. This won’t be a magic fix for every relationship problem that will come your way, but it’s a step towards God’s definition of great relationships. It takes courage, vulnerability, and time to build, but you can trust that this is the type of foundation God knows is best for strong relationships.


Think about your closest relationships. How deeply do you know the other person, and how deeply do they know you? How did that knowledge grow between you, and what has been the result of it?

Adventures In Dating And Marriage