Faithfulness in Following

Series: What the World Needs Now | Week 6: Faithfulness

Read Matthew 16:21-27

1. Why did Jesus react so strongly to Peter in verse 23?
2. What two opposing viewpoints did Jesus lay out in His response?
3. What challenges and warnings did He lay out after His response to Peter?

Following Jesus means suffering and loss, but with it comes great gain. This was clearly modeled by Jesus Himself, and these verses share the first time He explained His future suffering to His disciples. Peter’s reaction indicated a lack of understanding, so Jesus spelled it out more clearly.

The challenge He issued is one that still pricks consciences today. To be faithful in following Jesus, we’re called to give up our own way and take up our crosses, obeying Him no matter the consequences. This kind of faithfulness requires commitment. It requires giving everything we have and turning away from everything that keeps us from following Him. As we do that, we gain so much more than we lose.

Would you say you’re faithfully following Jesus, or is your commitment to Him half-hearted? What are you holding onto most tightly that’s keeping you from following Him? It might be a mindset, priority, pursuit, or relationship. Confess what comes to mind, and then spend some time in prayer, asking for fresh conviction and commitment to follow Him faithfully.

Want to go deeper? Read this article for more on what it means to take up your cross and how to do it.

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