Becoming like our Teacher.

Series: The Gospel of Luke: Strengthened in Spirit | Week 3: Logs and Sawdust

Read Luke 6:39-40

1. What does Jesus say happens when blind people follow blind people?
2. What happens when a student follows a teacher closely?
3. What does this have to do with judging and forgiving people?

Who do you follow and allow to lead you? What company do you keep around you? Have you unknowingly fallen into a trap of reflecting the attitudes and actions of a ‘blind’ person instead of Jesus? His truth is clear – as we are taught by Jesus, we will become more like Him. Pray now that God would help you discern who you are following. Ask Him to continue to mold you more into the image of Jesus as you spend time with Him and are taught by Him.

For Further Reading: Becoming Like Our Teacher

For Families with Kids at Home
Today, pray and think through the different people and media sources that influence your kids’ lives. As you reflect, decide if you need to make any changes that could raise the level of influence Jesus has on them.

The Gospel of Luke: Strengthened in Spirit