Something amazing is happening at Traders Point where God is already at work in three key areas. He's leading the way and we are following Him, focusing our resources in the direction of these three areas we call "vision lanes."

What are Vision Lanes?

Vision lanes are simply a tool we use to communicate the specific areas of impact we believe God is calling us to as a church. We want to be the kind of church whose generosity only makes sense in light of God’s grace, and your generosity determines the pace at which we can accomplish the mission God has put before us.

Traders Point Campuses

We strive to provide great Bible content in outstanding environments at our physical campuses around Indianapolis. We also leverage digital technology through our online campus to reach and equip disciples around the world.

Vulnerable Children

Indiana ranks fifth in the nation for the number of children in foster care. We want to make an impact for vulnerable children in our city and around the world, creating relationships where Jesus can be made known.

Leadership Development

Churches grow and reach more people for Jesus with hungry, humble, and healthy leaders. We seek to develop and multiply healthy church and marketplace leaders.

If you are already giving or are ready to take your first step, maybe one of these vision lanes connects with you. Would you be willing to give above and beyond toward one of these lanes if God is leading you?

*We are One Fund, which provides support for all ministries of the church as well as support for our many local and global strategic partners and vision lanes.

For more information, visit our Give page.