Churches grow and reach more people for Jesus with humble, hungry, and healthy leaders. We want to develop and multiply healthy disciples and effective leaders in the church and the marketplace. Jesus instructed His church to pray for more workers to serve in advancing His kingdom (Matthew 9:37), and we believe our vision for leadership development is a key to God answering this prayer.

We can’t advance God’s mission without developing leaders—leaders who serve, mentor, and disciple others to be healthy disciples and effective leaders themselves (2 Timothy 2:2). It’s our desire to develop a world class leadership development framework to raise up the next generation of leaders to advance God’s mission.

Here are a few of our leadership development efforts: 

  • In 2019, we launched a leadership development program to raise up new leaders in ministry, and we hired our first leadership development director.
  • We have leadership development cohorts, which are small leadership groups full of people who are ready and eager to grow in their leadership and discipleship. Each group is led by a leadership coach. Cohorts give individuals the opportunity to not only gain knowledge on important topics, but also experience and live-out those topics together.
  • We have given access to on-demand leadership content to over 3,900 serving team members covering topics like Inner Health, Self-awareness, and Living out your Purpose. This content is available in your Traders Point account. If you are having trouble accessing, please email us at 
  • Our leadership residency is an immersive ministry training program that seeks to bridge the gap between real-world experience and classroom knowledge. Since starting the program seven years ago, we’ve had 40 residents graduate, ten of whom are still on staff full-time at Traders Point.
  • The Traders Point Leadership College, which offers two-year, accredited ministerial leadership degrees, launched in August 2022. Students attending the college will gain an associate of arts degree, as well as real-world experience through internships at the church—all at a third of the cost of a traditional Christian university.
  • All of our leadership development opportunities are available to staff, volunteer leaders and coaches, and volunteer team members. This includes our leadership conference and other training opportunities and resources that will equip them to be better leaders in their ministries, workplaces, and homes.
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