When we place campuses around Indianapolis, we can better serve the needs of people within reach of that campus—like vulnerable children.

Indiana ranks fifth in the nation for the number of children in foster care. There are more than 13,000 children in Indiana in foster care. The “fatherless” are in danger of not knowing their heavenly father without Christ following parents.

We want to make an impact for foster children here in our city and around the world, creating relationships where Jesus can be made known.

  • In 2018, we launched our Foster and Adoption Ministry—or FAM—and hired our first director.
  • Traders Point help launched Care Portal in Indiana. Care Portal communicates vulnerable children’s essential items needs—like clean bedding—to the church community in Indiana so churches can come alongside and meet those needs. This is a key tool for preventing children from entering foster care.
  • Traders Point provided $40,000 in funds for 15 families to adopt children internationally and domestically.
    With Back2Back Ministries, we helped build a Special Needs Resource Center in Mazatlán, Mexico. The center will provide holistic care for special needs children. While this is true, the center also provides care for vulnerable children in need, not just special needs. The Center will provide holistic care for vulnerable children all throughout that area of Mexico.
  • We helped build a new school in Nairobi, Kenya, with our partner, Missions of Hope International. The school is located in Bondeni, an area where children don't normally receive an education. About 1,000 students will receive an education there this school year and ultimately, the school opens a door for the hope of Jesus to be shared.

We desire to continue to help create care communities that come around foster parents and help them out on an ongoing basis. We want to facilitate more adoption and foster placements, assist our strategic local and global partners, and provide for vulnerable children’s tangible needs. We dream of a day in the near future where there are more foster families waiting for children than fostering children waiting for families.

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