What God Says About Your Identity

Series: Deconstruct | Reconstruct | Week 4: What About Gender Dysphoria and the Transgender Movement?

Read Galatians 3:26-28 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.

1. Who are we in God’s eyes?
2. Who are we united through?
3. How does Jesus redefine the world’s classifications?

Today’s verses address a common belief in early Jewish custom that someone’s worth was based on their gender or class. Paul wrote these words not to eliminate categories of gender, but to eliminate the class system of the day. Worth wasn’t based on gender, sexuality, or “rank,” it was based on someone’s primary identity as a child of God.

In today’s culture, where categories are being eliminated, it can be easy to blur the lines of what this means for someone’s identity and worth. But Scripture is clear and consistent. It celebrates the diversity of God’s creation, and it gives each unique person inherent value and worth as a child of God.

Jesus Himself knew what it was like to feel out of place in this world. He was fully God in a body, yet He interacted with people from a place of compassion. As His children, we must be compassionate people who lead with love. Not ignoring reality and God’s design, but seeking the good of those who are deeply distressed and feel unworthy. Everyone has worth, and that includes you.

Do you tend to view anyone as “less than” or “greater than” based on a social construct or personal bias?
What messages do you listen to that shape your views of and interactions with people who are different than you?
How can you show someone compassion today and communicate their worth to them? Do you need to do this for yourself?

Pray through these questions, and write down what God is prompting you to do next. Share with a friend, and take a step to apply it.

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