The Problem

Series: Re-Imaged | Week 4: Rhythms To Cultivate

Read Genesis 3:1-19 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.


1. How was Eve enticed by the fruit, and what did she hope to gain from it?

2. What happened after Adam and Eve ate from the tree?

3. What was God’s response?


Yesterday’s Scripture showed God’s ability to declare “enough.” But sin, on the other hand, is never satisfied. Eve was enticed by the fruit of the tree God had told her not to touch. She craved the wisdom it promised. Sin is always the result of not trusting God’s “enough.”

Sin promises satisfaction, but it only leaves us wanting more. It always lies. In the Garden, God granted Adam and Eve supremacy over the entire earth, yet His one restriction prompted doubt about His intentions, which Satan exploited. Today, the same dilemma unfolds in various forms – from war for more power and stealing for more money to seemingly subtle acts like gossip, jealousy and discontentment. Each instance reflects the consequences of disregarding God’s invitation to acknowledge “enough.”

God invites you into a better way, calling you to embrace spiritual rhythms to fortify you against the constant temptation for more. By weaving these intentional patterns into your life, you will find strength and discover the beauty of contentment that comes from trusting in God’s sufficiency.


In what areas of your life do you find it challenging to trust God’s declaration of “enough”? How might recognizing and addressing these areas lead to a deeper sense of fulfillment?