The priorities of Jesus.

Series: The Gospel of Luke: Settled in Spirit | Week 5: Make A Bold Move

Read Luke 5:14-16 

1. What two commands does Jesus give the leper and why?
2. Even though Jesus asks the man to keep quiet, what happens anyway?
3. What side note does Luke add at the end of this story?

1. Jesus healed the leper and helped restore him to everyday society. But He didn’t do it for His own notoriety or popularity. Jesus loves people and wants a relationship with each one of us. Thank Him now for that love and tell Him you want to continue to know Him better as you spend time with Him.
2. Jesus responded to growing popularity and worldly success by retreating and spending time alone with God in prayer. Instead of running yourself ragged, follow the example of Jesus. Make sure you’re setting aside regular time to withdraw to be alone with God.

For Further Reading: The Silence and Solitude of Jesus

For Families with Kids at Home
Share with your kids what it looks like to spend time with God, coaching them in the purpose and importance of it. If you have young children spend time in the morning and evening praying with them and teaching them how to pray.  

The Gospel of Luke: Settled in Spirit