The boldness of friends.

Series: The Gospel of Luke: Settled in Spirit | Week 5: Make A Bold Move

Read Luke 5:17-26

1. Picture this scene in your mind. What bold steps do the friends of the paralytic take?
2. What part does the paralyzed man play in the story?
3. What does Jesus do for the paralyzed man? Why?

1. Who in your life is a ‘paralyzed friend’ that you want to get to Jesus? Pray right now and ask God what kind of bold move He may be asking you to make on their behalf. Invite them to church? To your group? Share your own story of coming to faith? Pray for an opportunity.
2. Only God has the power to forgive sins, and this story is evidence that forgiveness is available to anyone and everyone. If you’re ready to make the decision to start following Jesus for the first time, reach out to us at We want to help you on this journey in any way we can!

For Further Learning: Wreck the Roof

For Families with Kids at Home
Today, share your story of coming to faith to your kids and why you continue to live for Jesus. If you have already shared your story with your kids, then talk to them about their own faith story and how they could share it with someone else.

The Gospel of Luke: Settled in Spirit