Temporary Residents

Series: The Foreigners | Week 1: Travel Plans

Read 1 Peter 1:17-25

1. What actions are we called to in these verses?
2. How did God pay the ransom to save us (verse 18)?
3. How is our current life different from new life in Jesus?

We are temporary residents in this world, as reiterated by Peter in these verses. How then are we supposed to live? We’re supposed to live with a perspective for God because He ransomed us from our old empty life. His ransom was free to us, but it cost Jesus everything.

Because of Him, we have something to live for beyond temporary things that will eventually disappear. Accomplishments and possessions won’t last on earth. But the Word of God and His home in heaven will last forever. This means we have hope and a mission to run after Jesus and bring others with us. It’s time to ditch complacency and be all in.

Do you view yourself as a temporary resident on earth, looking ahead to something better? Or are you “setting up camp” here by pursuing and acquiring things that won’t last? Reflect on different areas of your life – home, work, relationships – and ask God to reveal where you’re running after the world instead of Him. Pray for a renewed passion to be all in for the Kingdom of God.

Want to go deeper? Read Isaiah 40:6-8, which was quoted in our passage in 1 Peter today. The verses in Isaiah were originally written to encourage the Jewish people in Babylonian exile, and Peter repeated them to his exile recipients as well. As you read them, thank God for the honor of being encouraged by His Word alongside these exiles from thousands of years ago.

The Foreigners