See God’s Point of View

Series: Rebel's Guide to Joy | Week 2: When the Struggle Is Real

Read Philippians 1:12-14 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.

One of Paul’s primary messages in Philippians is that joy can be cultivated in the midst of every circumstance. In Paul’s case, he was chained to a palace guard 24/7. How did he see this through God’s point of view? He let it be an opportunity to tell the guards about Christ. Instead of asking, “Why,” he asked, “What?”

• What do you want me to see in this situation, God?
• What do you want me to do?
• What are you teaching me?
• What are your plans and purpose?
• What is your point of view?

This is a key to cultivating joy – to see things through God’s point of view. To not get stuck in the “why,” but to let trials and grief grow our faith. We can do very little about our circumstances, but we do control our response to them. Jesus has overcome the world. Let’s live with this as our hope.

Look at every problem through God’s point of view. Reflect on a problem you’re currently facing or have faced recently. Review the questions above and write down what God brings to mind.

Use your Philippians Guidebook to reflect and respond. For a digital copy of the guidebook, visit

Want to go deeper? Look up the following verses to see what Jesus told His disciples hours before His crucifixion. How does His point of view on joy differ from the world’s point of view? Note what you observe and then continue with your time of response.

John 16:20-24

Rebel's Guide to Joy