Our Next Guest Is: Jesus’ Mother and Brothers.

Series: Our Next Guest | Week 3: A Journey Through the Gospel of Mark

Day One Mark 3:20-35

20 One time Jesus entered a house, and the crowds began to gather again. Soon he and his disciples couldn’t even find time to eat. 21 When his family heard what was happening, they tried to take him away. “He’s out of his mind,” they said.

22 But the teachers of religious law who had arrived from Jerusalem said, “He’s possessed by Satan, the prince of demons. That’s where he gets the power to cast out demons.”

23 Jesus called them over and responded with an illustration. “How can Satan cast out Satan?” he asked. 24 “A kingdom divided by civil war will collapse. 25 Similarly, a family splintered by feuding will fall apart. 26 And if Satan is divided and fights against himself, how can he stand? He would never survive. 27 Let me illustrate this further. Who is powerful enough to enter the house of a strong man and plunder his goods? Only someone even stronger—someone who could tie him up and then plunder his house.

28 “I tell you the truth, all sin and blasphemy can be forgiven, 29 but anyone who blasphemes the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven. This is a sin with eternal consequences.” 30 He told them this because they were saying, “He’s possessed by an evil spirit.”

31 Then Jesus’ mother and brothers came to see him. They stood outside and sent word for him to come out and talk with them. 32 There was a crowd sitting around Jesus, and someone said, “Your mother and your brothers are outside asking for you.”

33 Jesus replied, “Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?” 34 Then he looked at those around him and said, “Look, these are my mother and brothers. 35 Anyone who does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.”
– Mark 3:20-35 (NLT)

1. In these verses we see an interaction inside an interaction. Who is criticizing Jesus in each and why?
2. How does Jesus respond to each criticism?
3. What do you imagine Jesus’ heart to be behind each of His responses?

Throughout His entire life on earth, Jesus remained laser focused on His rescue mission of humanity. He was so undeterred that even His own mother and brothers thought He was crazy! Everywhere He went, He shared truth with gentle and sound arguments, and He steered conversations toward the gospel and eternity. What are you laser focused on? If the answer is anything other than knowing and enjoying Jesus and sharing Him with others, pray that God would reorient your priorities. Pray that He would continue to grow an eternal perspective within you.

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