Mountaintop to Wilderness

Series: Letters from My Future Self | Week 1: Don't Overthink It

Read 1 Kings 19:2-4 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.

1. What actions and themes do you see in today’s verses?
2. What emotions do you see?
3. Where do you see God in this passage?

In today’s verses, the prophet Elijah is running for his life. Prior to this point, he had just experienced a mountaintop moment, going toe-to-toe with the prophets of Baal and winning. Now he’s threatened, vulnerable, overwhelmed, and alone. What does he do? He sits down under a solitary tree and cries out to God.

Often in our lives, we can experience a similar progression. One minute we overcome a sin or have a mountaintop experience, only to find ourselves vulnerable and alone the next minute. Even if we’re at the point of despair like Elijah, we can call out to God. No matter how alone we feel, He’s present and listening. He welcomes our honesty.

Are you in a season of feeling vulnerable or alone? Cry out to God. He’s listening, and He’s not intimidated by your struggle. Are you in a good place in life, perhaps even a mountaintop? What safeguards can you set in place now to build a foundation of trust in God, no matter what happens next? Let Elijah’s story inspire you to stay connected to God and be honest with Him.

Want to go deeper? Read Psalm 5, noting the honesty in the words. How does this change the way you’ll pray to God this week?

Letters from My Future Self