Love That Welcomes

Series: What the World Needs Now | Week 1: Love

In Daily Bible Reading this summer, we’re exploring how Jesus modeled the Fruits of the Spirit and how we can live them out too. This week our focus is on love.

Read Mark 10:13-16.

1. What were the parents hoping for when they brought their children to Jesus?
2. Who stood in their way?
3. How did Jesus respond?

In the culture of Jesus’ day, children were second-class citizens. That makes Jesus’ response in this passage all the more profound. When the disciples scolded the parents, trying to guard Jesus’ time and focus, Jesus welcomed the children into His arms. He made time for them and blessed them.

Life moves at a fast pace, and we can come up with all kinds of excuses to ignore or push aside people who need us to notice them. It might be a child, friend, family member, or someone who has been marginalized by society. Wherever we are, Jesus calls us to open our arms and model His way of love.

How often do you put aside your to-do list to be present with people who need you? How often do you give someone your undivided attention? Spend a few minutes in prayer, reflecting on how you typically respond when someone needs your attention. Confess where you’ve been impatient or dismissive, and take a step today to be welcoming like Jesus.

Want to go deeper? Read this article for six opportunities to give people your full attention.

*TPCC does not necessary endorse all “Want to go deeper” sources. They are simply meant to be a helpful tool.

What the World Needs Now