Love That Challenges

Series: What the World Needs Now | Week 1: Love

Read Mark 10:17-27.

1. What do you observe about the man in this story, based on his words and actions?
2. Where do you see Jesus’ love expressed toward the man?
3. What was the man’s ultimate decision?

Most of the time when we think of love, we envision happiness and agreement. Today’s passage shows us that love can be present even when someone takes a different path than we want for them.

In response to the rich man’s questions, Jesus knew He would have to give hard advice. The man had to overcome pride and comfort to follow the ways of Jesus. It was an unlikely choice and Jesus knew it. Yet instead of glossing over the truth, Jesus “felt genuine love” for the man and challenged him with the truth anyway.

Is there a relationship where you’ve glossed over truth to the point of being disobedient to God? What would it look like to lovingly challenge a close friend or family member with truth? Pray over any situations that come to mind. Ask for discernment to speak through the power of the Holy Spirit and for faith to trust God with the results.

Want to go deeper? Read about how truth and love are intended to co-exist and what happens when we express them together.

*TPCC does not necessary endorse all “Want to go deeper” sources. They are simply meant to be a helpful tool.

What the World Needs Now