Look to the Source

Series: The Cumulative Effect | Week 2: Healthy Marriage

Read 2 Corinthians 3:16-18 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.

1. What happens when we turn to the Lord?
2. What are we called to reflect?
3. How does that happen?

The cumulative effect is all about small, daily decisions that make us look more and more like Jesus. In our marriages, this can only happen when we remember the source. God created marriage. Therefore, we can’t get the good things He designed outside of the structure He’s given. He is our source of hope and freedom, whether we’re married, single, divorced, or widowed.

When we don’t feel worthy of respect or unconditional love, Jesus offers both of those in abundance. Marriage won’t bring fulfillment. Singleness won’t bring fulfillment. Only Jesus can. The source that creates healthy relationships in our lives is the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the grave. We can overcome our fears, insecurities, and selfishness when we remember it’s all from Him and for Him.

If you’re married, let your relationship point to a bigger marriage – the one between Jesus and His bride. For everyone, remember that you are called to build God’s Kingdom and reflect His glory, no matter your relationship status. You can only do it with God as your source. By Him, all things are possible.

What small daily choices can you make to look to Jesus as your source of fulfillment – in your marriage or other relationships? Write down at least two practical things you can do today, and follow through on one of them.

Week Review: Make It Stick
Look back at the small daily choices you wrote down each day this week. Which one stands out as most important to continue beyond this week in order to get the cumulative effect you hope for? Write it down, and share with someone else for accountability.

The Cumulative Effect