He Helps Us Speak

Series: Red Letter Talks | Week 4: The Role Of The Holy Spirit

Read Acts 1:8 + Acts 2:1-8 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.


1. What did Jesus promise from the Holy Spirit?

2. What did the Spirit enable the believers to do in Acts 2?

3. Why was the crowd shocked?


In yesterday’s reading, Jesus promised His disciples that the Holy Spirit would guide them into truth. Today’s Scripture shows that this promise wasn’t just to increase the believers’ knowledge of God for their own benefit – the Spirit’s power helped the disciples share the good news about Jesus with an international group of believers. Acts 2:41 says that as a result, about 3,000 people believed in Christ!

While the power of the Holy Spirit can show up differently among different believers, He’s working in and through all of us. We’re charged with the same mission as the disciples: to share the gospel with the world. When we speak about Jesus, the Spirit can bring to mind the truth He wants us to share in that moment. It’s not all on us to have every answer or know enough facts – we have the Spirit’s help.

Don’t let fear stop you from sharing your testimony, your story of what God’s done in your life. Whether it’s fear of not knowing enough, of how others will react, or of saying the wrong thing, you can bring it all to God and trust that He won’t leave you to speak on your own.


Has there been a time when you’ve wanted to share Jesus with others but been afraid? What fears stopped you? What have you learned about the Holy Spirit this week? Who can you share what you’ve learned with?

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