He Helps Us Know God

Series: Red Letter Talks | Week 4: The Role Of The Holy Spirit

Read John 16:12-15 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.


1. How did Jesus describe the Holy Spirit?

2. What will the Spirit tell us?

3. Who does He receive the truth from?


Jesus only had a limited time with His disciples before His death, resurrection, and return to heaven, but God’s plan for redemption extended far beyond Jesus’ years on earth. In this passage, Jesus called the Holy Spirit “the Spirit of Truth” and said one of His roles is to guide believers “into all truth.”

This has been fulfilled partly through the very Scripture we read today. As these disciples and others, like Paul, wrote the books that became the New Testament, the Holy Spirit was with them, guiding their words and ensuring their reliability. And today when we read the Bible, the Spirit helps us understand the truth about God.

There’s always more to learn about God, but you’re never on your own. One of the names for the Holy Spirit is “Helper.” He’s always with you to help you. If you’ve never actively listened for God’s Spirit, it might be difficult or confusing at first, but continue to seek Him. He’ll help you learn to listen for Him and recognize His voice. He is speaking – and He invites you to listen.


Where do you usually turn when you have a question about God or Scripture? What is one thing you can do to be more aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence in your life? Examples include finding a moment of silence, incorporating listening into your prayer time, or learning more about Him and what He does.

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