52 weeks remaining…

The countdown is on, and there’s so much opportunity ahead in the next 52 weeks. That said, you don’t have to live your best moment every week this year. It will be full of times you wonder, “Where have they been all week?” and you’re consumed with helping them launch into what’s next instead of focusing on the present. That’s okay.

Everyone is wondering, “What’s next?” When you can, remind your emerging young adult that they don’t have to figure out the next ten years – only the next step after high school. Suddenly they’re faced with decisions that have long-term effects: Should I date long-distance? Should I move far away from home or stay home?

Your twelfth grader is getting ready to launch


  • Wisdom teeth may begin to “come in” (17-21 years, typically).
  • Females have likely reached adult height and body development; males may continue to grow in height, develop muscle mass, and grow body and facial hair.
  • They need 9 hours of sleep and 1 hour of exercise per day.


  • May overly romanticize catastrophe.
  • Open to discussing world issues.
  • Struggles with long-term planning.


  • Becoming more emotionally stable, but still needs support and grace.
  • Values being authentic to who they are.
  • Demonstrates initiative for personal interests.


  • Less available for family time.
  • More at ease around adults.
  • Wants to feel ownership of personal decisions.