104 weeks remaining…

Eleventh grade is full of pressure. Academics, volunteer activities, leadership opportunities, SAT / ACT prep, college visits, relationship changes – this is a year to practice trust with your changing teen as they’re preparing to leave the house. Stress management, practicing independence, and helping them establish healthy boundaries are all key to this year full of pressure. Choose your battles wisely and remind them you are a safe place to land.

Your teen is asking this year: “How can I matter?” Lean into their interests, their passions, and the things they notice are broken about the world around them. How can they make a difference? How can they contribute rather than only critique?

Your eleventh grader wants to be trusted


  • They’ll struggle to fall asleep before 11 p.m.
  • Females have likely reached adult height and adult development; males may continue to grow in height, develop muscle mass, body and facial hair.
  • Need 9 hours of sleep and 1 hour of exercise per day.


  • Can be insightful about complex issues.
  • Tends to be idealistic.
  • Struggles with long-term thinking.
  • Expanding mental capabilities to understand paradox, innuendo, satire.


  • Values humor more as a positive point of connection.
  • Often takes on more than they can handle.
  • May become more honest than in previous phases—becoming more aware of who they are.


  • Increased interest in sexuality (54% of eleventh graders report being sexually active).
  • Cares deeply about issues like control, responsibility, and freedom (personally and globally).
  • Tends to be self-focused.