Self-care is essential

936 Weeks Remaining

No matter what you hear, nothing can adequately prepare you for holding your newborn for the first time. The first year of your baby’s life is full of emotions. It’s emotional for you. It’s emotional for your baby. Love. Gratitude. Exhaustion. Fear. Joy. Frustration. Excitement. Through it all, there is something indescribably wonderful in this phase.

You’ve never known sleep deprivation like this. You’ve never had as many unique smells in your home: there are diapers for days mixed with the decision to sleep rather than shower. And you’ve never been needed like this before. Your baby needs you more desperately, more consistently, and more frequently than any other phase of life. The thing that matters most at this phase: you show up.

While all your focus might be on your newborn, it’s crucial to realize the importance of caring for yourself. You won’t be able to lead your children where you haven’t been. There’s a temptation to allow all your focus to tend to the baby’s needs, but self-care can be one of the most precious gifts you give your child.

Embrace your child’s physical needs. Communicate they are safe, the world can be trusted, and that they are worthy of love. Talk and sing about God's love and character with your child. Pray over your child.

As soon as you're ready, we'd love to serve your family at TPCC gatherings. Prioritizing church attendance at an early stage will help your family develop a new rhythm. At Traders Point Kids, one of our core values is safety, and we work hard to create a holistically safe environment for every kid (physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually).

There is no variable more important in a child’s long-term faith formation than the faith of their parents.

How Your Child Is Developing

  • Physically: They are experiencing more rapid development in this phase than in any other phase.
  • Verbally: They are starting to mimic tone and understand a few simple words.
  • Mentally: They are mildly aware of everything and learn through their five senses.
  • Emotionally: They mirror your expressions, they start to show fear, and they can distinguish happy faces from sad faces.

The Primary Question Your Child Is Asking In This Phase

"Am I safe?"

Your Best Next Step During This Phase

Take care of yourself. You cannot lead your child to a place you have not been. We'd recommend joining a small group or attending Rooted.

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