Establish a healthy and secure attachment with your child

884 weeks remaining… 

This phase is full of innocence, wonder, curiosity, and joy. Sticky-gooey hands, coloring on everything, and food that never seems to stay on the plate. But within the mess is indescribable joy and glimpses of who your child will become. Forming a secure attachment with your baby will impact the rest of their life.

Sweet discovery is what this phase is made of. It takes patience and endurance as you help your one-year-old learn, develop, and understand what is safe. Your baby is beginning to test his/her independence! They’re forming their own opinions, intellect, and personality. There will come a day when your once-helpless baby will bathe, dress, and feed themselves – but the journey to get there comes with a little mess along the way.

How your child is developing

  • Physically: They are beginning to walk, climb up and down stairs, and scribble with crayons.
  • Verbally: They understand more than they can communicate. They can point to objects when you name them.
  • Mentally: They follow simple instructions, they benefit from repetition, and they learn through engaging their five senses.
  • Emotionally: They recognize basic emotions, and they display separation anxiety (a sign of healthy development and secure attachment).
  • Socially: They have trouble sharing, they play next to (rather than with) their playmates, and they may begin role-play activities.

The primary question your child is asking in this phase

"Am I safe?"

Your best next step during this phase

Learn about attachment styles.

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