True Contentment

Series: Awaken | Week 4: Awaken to Significance

Read 1 Timothy 6:6-10 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.


  1. What is great wealth, according to these verses?
  2. What happens to people who long to be rich and who crave money?
  3. What does the love of money lead to?


Paul wrote Timothy to encourage and instruct him as a young leader at the church in Ephesus. Toward the end of his first letter, Paul taught about significance that isn’t circumstantial. Craving money and expecting contentment is a fool’s errand. When we only have eyes for money, it blinds us from everything else. We spend our lives chasing contentment, and we’ll never catch it.

True contentment comes from a relationship with God. It’s about storing up heavenly riches, living for eternity, and sending our time, talent, and treasure where we want our hearts to be. It doesn’t rely on a dollar amount, square footage, or perfect life circumstances. It comes from the cross, recognizing that through Jesus, we already have more than we deserve or could ever earn.

Are you so focused on getting “more” that it’s blinding you from what God wants to do in and through you? Until Jesus is enough, nothing else will ever be. More house, more retirement, more clothes, more things will never be enough on their own. Godliness with contentment is great wealth. Let Jesus be enough, live for eternity, and trust Him to provide your needs.


  • Would you say you’re generally a content person? What keeps you from being content?
  • Do you ever struggle with craving money? How do you see the warnings in these verses play out in your own life? How is God challenging you in this area?
  • Can you truly say that Jesus is enough for you? What do you know about His character that helps you be content in Him rather than the things of this world?

As you process these questions, use page 71 of your Awaken Guidebook to jot down any key reflections or next steps. Be sure to bring your guidebook to your group! Page 72 is a great place to write down things that you want to process together.