The New Temples

Series: Red Letter Talks | Week 2: I Am The Vine, You Are The Branch

Read John 15:1-4 + 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.


1. Who produces fruit, and how?

2. What did Jesus instruct us to do in John?

3. How did Paul describe us in 1 Corinthians?


In the Old Testament, God’s presence dwelled in one specific location: the temple. But Jesus made a way for the Holy Spirit to live in everyone who believes in Him. Since the beginning, God’s desire has been to be near His people, whom He created in His own image, because He loves them.

The only thing required of us for the Holy Spirit to live in us is our repentance and faith in Jesus. We can’t earn our way into a right relationship with God. But He does want us to bear fruit, too, and grow to look more like Him. Jesus explained to His disciples that we as believers are all branches who can’t produce fruit on our own. As the vine, He’s the one who’s fruitful, so we must stay connected to Him.

Jesus doesn’t want you to define your success by what you produce. He wants you to find your worth in Him alone. He knows that striving for the fruit only He can produce will lead you to frustration, failure, and fatigue. Focus your attention on remaining connected to the true vine. Jesus wants to be near you, not what you can do.


Are there things you do that you believe make God love you more or less? What are His actual expectations of you? What’s the state of your connection to the true vine?

Red Letter Talks