Set Aside Differences

Series: Rebel's Guide to Joy | Week 5: When Pride Creeps In

Read Philippians 2:1-2 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.

The church in Philippi was facing significant pressure from the outside, and based on Paul’s message in today’s verses, this pressure had begun to impact their relationships on the inside. We don’t know the scope of disagreement they had, but it was clearly preventing them from working together. Paul wanted them to be like-minded as they moved the mission forward to make Jesus known. In Paul’s view, joy stops when division starts.

Being like-minded doesn’t mean being identical in lifestyle, personality, or perspective. Rather, it means unity of purpose within a wide range of diversity. For the sake of our critical message and mission, we’ve got to put our differences aside and work together with one mind and one purpose.

Setting aside differences doesn’t mean shoving them down in an unhealthy way. It means acknowledging that they aren’t the most important thing in light of the gospel. When we do this, the byproduct will be an abiding, authentic joy.

Set aside differences. Think of a specific example in your life where you have a difference of opinion from another believer. What specific action could you take this week to set aside your differences and unify in the mission to make Jesus known?

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Want to go deeper?
Look up the following verses to see what Paul wrote in a letter to another church. What attitudes and actions does he highlight that can lead to unity? Note what you observe and then continue with your time of response.

Colossians 3:12-17

Rebel's Guide to Joy