Our Next Guest Is: John the Baptist.

Series: Our Next Guest | Week 1: A Journey Through the Gospel of Mark

This summer, during “Our Next Guest Is” series, the Daily Bible Readings will take you on a journey through the book of Mark. We’ll take an in-depth look at the life of Jesus, introducing you to all of the different guests, themes, and spiritual disciplines Jesus interacted with and practiced throughout the book. Our hope and prayer is that you’ll meet Jesus in new and fresh ways as we journey together through the Gospel according to Mark.

Day One
Mark 1:1-13

1 This is the Good News about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God. It began 2 just as the prophet Isaiah had written:

“Look, I am sending my messenger ahead of you,
and he will prepare your way.
3 He is a voice shouting in the wilderness,
‘Prepare the way for the Lord’s coming!
Clear the road for him!’”

4 This messenger was John the Baptist. He was in the wilderness and preached that people should be baptized to show that they had repented of their sins and turned to God to be forgiven. 5 All of Judea, including all the people of Jerusalem, went out to see and hear John. And when they confessed their sins, he baptized them in the Jordan River. 6 His clothes were woven from coarse camel hair, and he wore a leather belt around his waist. For food he ate locusts and wild honey.7 John announced: “Someone is coming soon who is greater than I am—so much greater that I’m not even worthy to stoop down like a slave and untie the straps of his sandals. 8 I baptize you with water, but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit!”9 One day Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee, and John baptized him in the Jordan River. 10 As Jesus came up out of the water, he saw the heavens splitting apart and the Holy Spirit descending on him like a dove. 11 And a voice from heaven said, “You are my dearly loved Son, and you bring me great joy.”12 The Spirit then compelled Jesus to go into the wilderness, 13 where he was tempted by Satan for forty days. He was out among the wild animals, and angels took care of him.”
– Mark 1:1-13 (NLT)

1. What was the role of John the Baptist? Read the words of the prophets Malachi and Isaiah.
2. What message did John the Baptist preach (verses 4, 7, and 8)?
3. What do you learn about the type of person John the Baptist was?

John the Baptist was a humble servant with one of the loudest voices. He was a man who knew his calling and was secure in his identity. John was sent to prepare the way for God’s King, the Messiah, and preach a message of repentance. He knew that for some, this would mean purification and for others, condemnation. In light of that knowledge, John still preached Jesus with a passion that made the center of the Jewish religion reevaluate where they were in their relationship with God.

Spend some time now with God contemplating your own identity in Christ. Like John, is there anything difficult He may be asking you to do? A spiritual conversation with a friend? A reevaluation of your work/home life balance? Whatever it is, take some time to ask God to help you place your identity in Jesus Christ alone, regardless of what others may think of you.

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For Families with Kids at Home
Notice how God the Father declares that He is pleased with Jesus, even before Jesus has accomplished anything. Do our own kids know that we’re proud of them in the same way and that they never have to earn our love? Pray today that God would help you recognize His abundant, ever-present love, and pray that He would help you convey the same love to your own kids.

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