Fully Enriched

Series: Awaken | Week 6: Awaken to Action

Read 2 Corinthians 9:11-12 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.


  1. How will we be enriched when we give?
  2. What are two results that come from giving?
  3. How will thanks be expressed to God?


In urging the Corinthian church toward generosity, Paul shares about the purpose of their provision. He says they’ll be enriched in every way, not so they’ll feel better about themselves or be more comfortable, but so they can always be generous. In essence, he’s saying that the commitments they make will shape them.

The same is true for us. When we think about being fully enriched, it can be easy to associate that with feeling more secure, more accomplished, comparing ourselves with our neighbors, or having more. But when we give, we’re enriched in every way so that we can continue being generous.

What you do today matters. It doesn’t just matter because of what will happen through your giving, it matters because of what will happen in your giving. Based on how you’ve historically handled money, would you entrust yourself with more if you were in God’s shoes? The purpose of being given resources is so you can glorify God, not only by the way you provide but also the way you give your resources away to bless others. How can you be a conduit of His blessing today?


  • If you were to define what it means to be “enriched,” how would you have defined it prior to today’s reading? How has your perspective changed?
  • Think about how you’ve historically handled money. If you were God, would you entrust yourself with more? Why or why not? What is He stirring up in you in this area?
  • Do you regularly ask God how you can use your resources to glorify Him and bless others? What might be a next step toward this?

As you process these questions, use page 83 of your Awaken Guidebook to jot down any key reflections or next steps. Be sure to bring your guidebook to your group! Page 84 is a great place to write down things that you want to process together.