Friendship Requirements

Series: Significant Other | Week 5: Friendship

Read Proverbs 17:17, 27:9, and 27:17


1. What character traits or actions are referenced in each of these verses?
2. What metaphors are used?
3. How are these traits or actions applied to the context of friendship?


As we’ve studied the friendship of David and Jonathan this week, we’ve seen three characteristics that are also referenced in these Proverbs. Just like David and Jonathan showed us, friendship requires commitment, encouragement, and challenge.

Commitment means that no matter what happens, friends don’t go anywhere. We’re devoted to the relationship and want to see it flourish. Encouragement means speaking life and counsel, allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through us to fuel the soul of another. Challenge means we love our friends enough to come alongside them as fellow sinners who want them to look more like Jesus.

Would you say one of these three is harder for you to live out than the others? How does it impact your friendships? Spend some time writing down how you’re doing in each of these areas. Then pray and listen to what God might be asking you to do in response. Follow through on what He prompts you to do this week.

Want to go deeper?
For more on the concept of “iron sharpening iron,” read this article.

*TPCC does not necessary endorse all “Want to go deeper” sources. They are simply meant to be a helpful tool.

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