Final Encouragement

Series: The Foreigners | Week 5: Finish Strong

Read 1 Peter 5:12

1. What two words does Peter use to explain his purpose in writing this letter?
2. What does he want to assure his readers of?
3. What does he tell them to do?

Over the last five weeks, we’ve studied the book of 1 Peter, a letter originally written to churches scattered throughout Asia Minor. These churches had been ridiculed and persecuted, and Peter concluded his letter by reaffirming why he wrote it. Despite everything these Christ followers had endured, they could be encouraged and assured that they were following the true way. God’s grace was upon them, so they could stand firm.

Just like the recipients of Peter’s letter, we too are foreigners in this world. We might face ridicule or persecution, but we can be encouraged and assured that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). He's the only One worth following. With that perspective, we can stand firm no matter what we face.

How does this truth encourage you? As you’ve faced hardships, have you let them deepen your understanding of who Jesus is? Spend some time focusing on Him now. Thank Him for being the way, the truth, and the life. Ask Him to help you stand firm and finish strong as you follow Him.

Want to go deeper? As we wrap up this series on 1 Peter, reflect on what God has said to you throughout the series, whether through the weekend messages or Daily Bible Reading. What is your biggest takeaway? If helpful, look back through the weekend messages in the series, and rewatch one that stands out to you.

The Foreigners