Empty Storehouse

Series: Awaken | Week 2: Awaken to the Moment

After today’s reading, go to pages 58-59 of your Awaken Guidebook and take a few minutes to complete the “Look Back” section and the “Pray About It” section.

Read Malachi 3:6-12 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.


  1. What names or aspects of God’s character are mentioned in these verses?
  2. How have the people cheated God?
  3. What does He tell them to do, and what promise is attached?


When Malachi wrote these words, the people were cheating God by not bringing their tithes and offerings to the temple. In ancient Israel, these offerings (often grain and other food) were put in storehouses, and they became the food supply for the priests to live on throughout the year. By neglecting to bring these gifts, the people were threatening the ability of God’s work to continue. God urged the people to come back to prioritizing Him as first, and He promised that when they did, they would be called “blessed.”

This same challenge and promise apply to us today. It’s easy to put off giving for many reasons. We might worry about our own needs being met if we give our first and best. Or we might assume the church’s needs are taken care of, so we’re not needed. But as we see in today’s passage, God invites us to “put Him to the test” – to bring our tithes and offerings to His house and see what He will do, not only in us personally but through us collectively as the Church.

God is calling you to be awakened to this moment. He’s inviting you on a journey of faith to trust Him with your first and your best. He’s inviting you to see Him as the unchanging God who is above all and over all – not only in the world but in your finances. Step into the moment, and watch what He’ll do.


  • Have you ever thought of withholding gifts to God as an equivalent to cheating Him? How does that challenge you personally in this season?
  • God is described as unchanging and the “Lord of Heaven’s Armies” (or in some Bible translations, “Lord Almighty” or “Lord of hosts”). How do these descriptors change your view of God? How do they change your view of your money and possessions?
  • What reasons have you typically used to not give tithes or offerings? How does today’s reading address those? Is there anything you need to reexamine or change in how you approach your finances?

As you process these questions, use page 59 of your Awaken Guidebook to jot down any key reflections or next steps. Be sure to bring your guidebook to your group! Page 60 is a great place to write down things that you want to process together.