Series: Father's Day 2023 | Week 1: Detours, Dead Ends and Defining Moments

Read Genesis 37:12-28 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.

1. Why was Joseph sent to Shechem?
2. How did his brothers react when he found them?
3. What did they end up doing to him?

Joseph dreamed he would one day rule over his brothers, and despite their hatred, he went to check in with them. Little did he know that his journey would lead to an unexpected detour. His brothers, wanting to prove to “the dreamer” that his dreams wouldn’t be fulfilled, ended up sending him off to a foreign land.

All too often, we can find ourselves in a similar situation, on a road we never thought we’d travel. We might have dreams – even dreams given to us by God – but find ourselves being sent on a different path. Some of our detours are set in motion by the doubts and disbelief of others. Sometimes they’re set in motion by our own doubts and disbelief.

If you’ve found yourself on a detour, or perhaps are on one right now, remember you aren’t alone. God is everywhere at all times, which means He’s with you right now, right where you are. How does this change your view of your detours and how you’ll respond to them? Where do you see evidence of God’s presence with you right where you are?

Pray through today’s reading, reflecting on the questions just posed. What do you think God is prompting you to do in response? Write it down, share it with a friend, and take a step to start making it happen.

Father's Day 2023