Children of Light

Series: Awaken | Week 1: Wake Up!

Read Ephesians 5:13-14 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.


  1. What does light do?
  2. What is commanded to those who are sleeping?
  3. What will Christ do?


The church at Ephesus had lost its original love for Jesus. They embraced power and control over service, sacrifice, and love. They were even characterized by hate and anger as a means of keeping their control and reign. Paul urged them to stop living in darkness and to instead live as children of light – to let the Spirit of God awaken them.

We all go through seasons when we’re “asleep” spiritually. Our walk with God goes on autopilot. We’re not doing anything particularly bad, but we’re not doing anything particularly good either. The Spirit of God is always on the move to awaken and reawaken His people, and that includes us. We are saved from something, for something. We’re part of God’s redemptive plan to usher in His Kingdom on this earth. We can’t do that if we’re asleep.

If you’ve found yourself sleepwalking through life, ask God to awaken you. Take hold of the things that matter, invest in them, and make them a priority. Live like your time on earth is finite and eternity is real. You’re called to bring light into darkness, not just in the world but in your own life. Let God do a work in you so He can do a work through you. 


  • Our world tempts us with darkness in so many ways. Where does it try to creep into your own life? What areas are most vulnerable?
  • As you think about the current situations in your life, how is God challenging you to be awakened and let His light shine in you and through you?
  • How is God challenging you to become part of His redemptive plan to usher in His Kingdom on earth? What would that look like on a practical level?

As you process these questions, use page 53 of your Awaken Guidebook to jot down any key reflections or next steps. Be sure to bring your guidebook to your group! Page 54 is a great place to write down things that you want to process together.