Helping Parents Love is a faith-based support initiative for Christian parents with LGBTQ children.

Throughout the year, Traders Point Next Gen Ministries provides opportunities for parents of LGBTQ kids of all ages to come together in a safe confidential, environment to learn how to love their kids like Jesus. During this 12-week faith-based cohort, parents watch and discuss the Parenting LGBTQ Kids video curriculum provided by The Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender. 

Each cohort is led by a parent or set of parents of LGBTQ kids. They will facilitate the group and guide you through the curriculum. These facilitators will foster a safe and confidential space where participants can share vulnerably without fear of judgment. Any parent(s) of LGBTQ kids, youth or adult children can attend, whether or not they attend Traders Point Christian Church.  

Cohorts are offered at Traders Point locations and online. Generally, in-person meetings are held in the fall and spring, while online cohorts are hosted throughout the year. We have a limited number of spots available. If you try to register and the spots are filled, you’ll be notified and placed on a waitlist.