Traders Point groups are more than just a Bible study. That’s why our four healthy group essentials include disciple, care, serve, and multiply. A healthy group is growing in each of these areas! So we’ve developed a tool to help you go beyond your study time. We’re calling this tool Experiences because they are practical experiences your group can do together, either in place of your normal study and discussion time or as a supplement.

Prayer Experiences

Our prayer experience options will walk you and your group through a time of contemplative Bible reading and prayer step-by-step. Explore Prayer Experiences and Resources.


    - Jesus' Example
    - Acts Model Of Prayer
    - Attributes Of God
    - Scripture
    - Gratitude
    - One Another
    - Our World, Nation, and Leaders

    - Prayer Experience Overview
    - Prayer Calendar
    - Prayer Resources

Serve Experiences

How can your group serve others together through a serve experience? Check out our Serve Experience opportunities.

    - Traders Point Groups Serve Opportunities

Share Your Faith

Our healthy group essential of Multiply goes beyond just multiplying your group. Help your group obey the Great Commission and grow in multiplying disciples! Learn more about our Multiply Experiences.