When you bring your child or teen to Traders Point Kids or Youth (or if you’re volunteering at one of our physical campuses), we require checking in. 

We offer several check-in options: 


If you’re a first-time guest, come to Guest Check In when you arrive at our campus and a volunteer will help your child or teen get checked in. 

(Note: If you’d like to save time by pre-registering your family ahead of time, simply fill out this quick form)


If your family has checked in at a campus at least one time previously, you have the following options for checking in.
  • Self Check-In You enter your own information at a kiosk.
  • Assisted Check-In A volunteer enters your information for you at a kiosk. Please visit Kids Guest Check-In at any campus to utilize this option.
  • Contactless Check-In You complete check-in on your own at tpcc.org/contactless OR by texting “Checkin” to 87221 and completing the prompts. You bring the provided QR code to your campus and scan it at a kiosk. Your name tag will then print for you.

    Please note: Contactless check-in will be available on the day of your event, approximately an hour before the event starting time. If you aren't able to check, please try again closer to the time of your event.
  • Add a New Family Member You can pre-register a new family member ahead of time by using the pre-registration form and entering the new child’s information.