God cares for the vulnerable, not the least of which are orphans and the fatherless. God’s word compels us to step forward, lock arms, and defend the fatherless in our community and world.

Together, we can make a difference. The church can have a massive, sustainable impact on vulnerable children. We will be collecting items at all of our TPCC campuses for our FAM resource center. These items are distributed to vulnerable families and children throughout central Indiana. By donating items, you’re saying “Yes” to connections that can change lives, transform communities and reverse the foster care crisis in our nation. 

Below is a list of basic necessities that can be donated at any of the FAM bins found at our permanent TPCC campuses: 

  • Baby soap and shampoo (2-in-1 is best)
  • Kids soap and shampoo (2-in-1 is best)
  • Wetbrushes (kids and adults)
  • Unscented body lotion
  • Wipes
  • Diapers (Up to Size 6)
  • Baby bottles
  • Sippy cups
  • Kids toothbrushes
  • Kids toothpaste
  • Underwear - boys and girls (Sizes 2T - 12, S-XL)
  • Neutral socks - any kids size

There are other items we collect, but these are lesser needed items:
  • Adult toothpaste
  • Adult toothbrushes
  • Adult liquid soap
  • Adult shampoo
  • Adult conditioner
  • Deodorant
If you are unable to bring your donation to your campus, you can check out our Amazon Wishlist and purchase items that will be delivered directly to the church.