Self-Control in Success

Series: What the World Needs Now | Week 8: Self-Control

Read Luke 5:1-11

1. What three instructions did Jesus give Simon in this story (verses 3, 4, and 10)?
2. How did Simon respond each time?
3. According to verse 11, when did Simon and the others follow Jesus?


Simon was a fisherman by trade; Jesus was a carpenter. Yet when Jesus told Simon to cast his fishing net after an unsuccessful night, he responded with obedience. The number of fish he brought in led him to acknowledge who he was in light of who Jesus was. And despite a successful catch of fish, he left it all to follow Jesus and “fish for people.” He surrendered his own priorities for the provision, purpose, and power of God.

That’s the true essence of self-control, to surrender our priorities because we know that God’s plans for us are better than our own plans. The idea is not for us to have control, but for us to surrender control to Jesus.

Do you find it easy or hard to surrender control? Are there any priorities in your life that are keeping you from following Jesus wholeheartedly? Spend some time with Him now, praising Him for being a provider who can be trusted. Confess where you’re struggling to surrender, and ask for greater self-control to follow wherever He leads.

Want to go deeper? Read this commentary on Luke 5:1-11 for more context on this exchange between Jesus and Simon Peter.

*TPCC does not necessarily endorse all “Want to go deeper” sources. They are simply meant to be a helpful tool.

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