Self-Control in Injustice

Series: What the World Needs Now | Week 8: Self-Control

Read Mark 14:55-65

1. What was the end goal of this trial of Jesus (see verse 55)?
2. In what ways did the leading priests and high council treat Him with injustice?
3. How did Jesus display self-control?

Today we see an incredible display of self-control as events quickly spiraled toward Jesus’ death. Not only did He face injustice in court; He faced injustice as He was beaten and mistreated. The mistreatment would only intensify from here, leading Him toward death on a cross. But Jesus held His ground, knowing that His Father’s plan to redeem humanity was far more important than His own temporary pain.

When injustice happens, it can be easy to lose control and be blinded by anger. While there’s a place for righteous anger that fuels Christlike action, we’re also called to display self-control in our actions and words. When we lash out, we can undermine the greater plan that God is working in and through us.

Is there an unjust situation you’ve walked through recently? What would it look like to reflect Jesus in how you act and speak? Or how might God be calling you to act and speak on behalf of someone else facing injustice? Pray through whatever comes to mind, and ask God to fill you with self-control as you represent Him.

Want to go deeper? Read this prophecy of the Messiah in Isaiah, and note the parallels of what was prophesied hundreds of years before Jesus’ trial in Mark 15. What does Isaiah indicate was the purpose of Jesus’ suffering? What do you sense God calling you to do in response?

What the World Needs Now