Self-Control in Fear

Series: What the World Needs Now | Week 8: Self-Control

Read Matthew 26:47-54

1. Where do you see Jesus demonstrating self-control in these verses?
2. How did the disciple in verse 51 demonstrate a lack of self-control?
3. What was Jesus’ response to him?

Nothing would feel more threatening than to watch the Son of God, whom you’ve followed faithfully, be arrested without cause. This was the reality for the disciple in Matthew 26:51. (We know him to be Peter, based on John’s account.) Peter’s emotions aren’t listed, but they likely included anger, confusion, and fear. Rather than following Jesus’ lead, Peter lost control. Jesus reminded him that even though all things were possible for God, there was a greater purpose at work.

Similar to Peter, we can lose control in the midst of threatening situations. Whether we feel threatened physically, relationally, or emotionally, we might let fear and anger overtake us, causing us to respond in ways that lose sight of God’s sovereignty. No matter what happens, we can trust God and surrender to Him.

Have you let circumstances dictate your responses lately? How can you shift your perspective to God’s purposes and let Him bear the fruit of self-control in you? Confess where you’ve struggled to trust Him, and thank Him for being steady in the midst of unknowns and fear.

Want to go deeper? Read this account in the other gospels: Mark, Luke, and John. Note both the similarities and unique perspectives of each writer.

What the World Needs Now