Resist Making It All About You

Series: Rebel's Guide to Joy | Week 6: When Temptations Emerge

Read Philippians 2:14-15 in your personal Bible or at the link provided.

Today’s verses are a hard-hitting reminder that who or what we focus on determines how brightly we shine in a dark world. When we complain, we’re usually engaging in useless verbal commentary about things we can’t change. It feels good in the moment, but there’s no value. Arguing is equally as useless because it focuses not only on what we want, but on what we think we deserve. At the source of both of these is a sense of entitlement – a temptation to make it all about ourselves.

Paul explains the reason we should do everything without complaining and arguing – because it ruins our reputation and our witness. Complaining never wins the culture. Arguing never wins the culture. It just drives them away.

In a culture that thrives on division and entitlement, we stand out when we rebel against the norm. By not making it all about us, we can have influence with others, earn the opportunity to speak into their lives, and become the light of Christ to everyone we meet.

Resist the temptation to make it all about you. Write down a few situations when you’re most likely to complain or argue. Pray about a specific action you can take to resist the temptation next time you face it. If your complaining or arguing has directly hurt someone, take a step to confess and reconcile this week.

Use your Philippians Guidebook to reflect and respond. For a digital copy of the guidebook, visit

Want to go deeper? Look up the following verses to see what another New Testament author said about complaining and arguing, including how we can let God change us. Note what you observe and then continue with your time of response.

James 4:1-3, 7-10

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