Joy in Relationship

Series: What the World Needs Now | Week 2: Joy

Read Matthew 17:1-8

1. What words are used to describe Jesus’ appearance in verse 2?
2. What factors accompany this change in appearance?
3. How does the voice in verse 5 reflect the relationship between Father and Son?

While this passage paints an unusual picture, there are powerful lessons we can learn about joy. Woven throughout the transfiguration of Jesus is a theme of relationship. It’s represented in the calling of His three closest friends to climb the mountain with Him. It’s represented in His visible transformation while relating to prophets of old. And it’s represented in the words of the Father, expressing His deep love and joy for His Son.

Joy can be found in relationship with both Jesus and others. When we step away to be in God’s presence, we’re transformed. And when we spend time in community with others, we can be reminded that we’re deeply loved.

Are you proactively investing in your relationship with Jesus? Do you need to carve out more intentional time to be in His presence? What about relationships with people who affirm you and challenge you in your faith? Are you that kind of friend to others? Spend some time praying through whatever comes to mind, and ask God to fill you with joy in all your relationships.

Want to go deeper? Read about Moses in the Old Testament spending time with God and how it transformed his appearance. Note the depth of relationship he had with God and the actions he took that brought about this transformation. Is there anything you can apply to your own life?

What the World Needs Now