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Be honest with God.

Series: Hold On To Hope | Week 1: Hold On To Hope

Habakkuk 1:2
“How long, O Lord, must I call for help? But you do not listen! ‘Violence is everywhere!’ I cry, but you do not come to save.”

The Bible is refreshingly honest and this verse, written by an Old Testament prophet, is one of those times. He didn’t hold back from the truth. Do you find yourself in a similar place? Are you angry at what’s happening around you? Follow the example of Habakkuk, and take that frustration to God. Cry out to Him in honesty.

Respond in Prayer
• What problem, trial, or disappointment are you currently facing? It’s ok to acknowledge one that may even seem trivial to you in light of the global pandemic. Instead of trying to avoid it or work through it, take it to God. Be honest. Tell Him what you’re facing and sit with Him in it for a minute or two.

For Families with Kids at Home
• Ask your kids if there's anything they're feeling sad or worried about. Reassure them that it's okay to be sad, and help them know that you are a safe place for them to come when they feel scared or unsure. Pray together as a family today, and practice being honest with God in front of your kids.

Hold On To Hope